NextSTEP Startup Studio

We are a Startup Studio that creates, develops, and launches multiple startups, using our own resources, expertise and NextSTEP Startup Studio Process.

What we do

 We design and build fantastic products and services, to solve the toughest problems in the environmental sustainability landscape.


Building a great startup is hard. Really hard. It requires domain expertise, rare talent, great execution, great timing, and a little luck. It also requires the ever-elusive great idea. Our team has developed the NextSTEP Startup Studio Process that allow us to rapidly validate, refine, and build new businesses.


Generating innovative ideas for new startup ventures through brainstorming sessions, market and trends analysis, and identifying unmet needs or problems.


Conducting in-depth research to understand the industry landscape, emerging trends, and potential competitors, ensuring a solid foundation for informed decision-making.


Developing and refining the selected idea by conducting user interviews, surveys, and prototype testing to gather valuable feedback and insights for further improvement.


Rigorously testing the viability of the concept through market testing, prototype validation, and assessing user demand to confirm its potential for success.


Establishing the legal framework by creating the startup entity, addressing regulatory requirements, and securing necessary investments, laying the groundwork for a solid and compliant foundation before proceeding to the launch phase.


Executing the go-to-market strategy, including product development, marketing campaigns, and establishing partnerships, to successfully launch the startup into the market and begin its growth journey.

Our Target

Co-Found a startup

Collaborate with aspiring entrepreneurs to co-found startups, providing comprehensive support in ideation, development, and launch. Our startup studio nurtures innovative ideas, offering expertise, resources, network and a shared journey to turn visions into successful ventures.

Open Innovation

The new era of Open Innovation is our Startup Studio As a Service. Starting from the company’s challenges we ideate, prototype, and launch startups tailored to meet corporate goals.

“As a startup generator, we aim to reduce the risk of failure of the startups produced, while enhancing their overall quality.”

our Partners

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