Venture Building Program

Create your Team, Cultivate your Concept, Secure Funding, and Launch your Startup.

WHERE we do it

London Chapter

We’re gearing up to kick off the inaugural chapter in London in 2024.

Milan Chapter

We’re gearing up to kick off the second chapter in Milan in 2025.


We seek out the most exceptional talents in technology and entrepreneurship.

You don’t need to have an idea, we choose individuals based on their immense potential rather than focusing heavily on academic records. Our primary concern is your brilliance and dedication, as we are in search of individuals ready to invest 100% effort in constructing the next triumphant startup.

We seek individuals who exhibit unwavering determination and a strong work ethic. Expect numerous obstacles and challenges, with a demanding pace that requires resourcefulness to navigate. It’s a haven for aspiring founders who desire collaboration with like-minded individuals sharing the same passion and drive.


Business Guru

You are the maestro of the corporate world. You have an innate understanding of the intricacies of business, excelling in strategy, decision-making, and ensuring overall success. Picture yourself as a visionary leader, a problem-solving expert, and a strategic thinker rolled into one. You’re the go-to person for navigating complex business challenges, guiding teams towards success, and making critical decisions that propel the company forward. In essence, you’re the driving force behind a company’s business acumen and prosperity.

Marketing Guru

You are the architect of brand success. You thrive in the world of strategy, creativity, and audience engagement. Imagine yourself as a master of storytelling, a data-driven expert, and a strategic thinker, all rolled into one. You’re the go-to person for crafting compelling campaigns, understanding consumer behavior, and building a brand’s presence. Whether it’s digital or traditional, you excel at navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing, driving visibility, and creating connections that resonate. Essentially, you’re the powerhouse behind a company’s marketing brilliance.

Tech Guru

You are the mastermind when it comes to all things tech. You excel in understanding complex technical details, staying ahead of the latest industry advancements, and turning innovative ideas into reality. Think of yourself as a technical genius, problem-solving wizard, and strategic thinker, all rolled into one. You’re the go-to person for guiding teams through intricate technical challenges and ensuring smooth collaboration across the board. In essence, you’re the driving force behind a company’s tech brilliance.

Code Guru

You are the wizard of programming magic. You excel in crafting elegant and efficient code, solving intricate coding puzzles, and transforming ideas into functional software. Imagine yourself as a coding virtuoso, a problem-solving maestro, and a strategic architect, all in one. You’re the person everyone turns to when faced with challenging coding tasks, and you thrive on creating clean and effective solutions. Essentially, you’re the powerhouse behind a company’s coding brilliance.

Product Guru

You are the go-to person for making and managing awesome products. You understand what users want, stay on top of market trends, and know how to turn ideas into successful products. Picture yourself as a mix of technical genius, creative problem-solver, and strategic leader. You’re the one who guides teams, making sure everything – from design to functionality – fits together seamlessly. In essence, you’re the secret sauce behind a company’s successful products.


Challenge definition

NextSTEP, with the support of eight leading companies operating in various industries, will define real challenges to be solved or market needs to be addressed. For every challenge, the context and the pain will be specified, setting the direction for idea generation from the beginning.

Talent Application

NextSTEP, with the support of its partners, will attract as many talented individuals as possible to create the best teams. NextSTEP will target university students, young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and experienced entrepreneurs. Candidates will indicate, in order of preference, three challenges they would like to work on and select the role for which they are applying (Business Guru, Marketing Guru, Tech Guru, Code Guru, Product Guru).

Talent Selection & Team Composition

NextSTEP will select 24 talents and form 8 successful teams. The chosen 24 will be invited to a team bonding event in London (for the London Chapter) or Milan (for the Milan Chapter), where there will be a debrief on what will happen during the program.

Kick Off Day

Official launch of the program through a live kick Off event in which teams and assigned challenges are presented. The event will be attended by top talents, partner companies, tutors, and mentors. NextSTEP’s team will explain how the main phases of the program will be developed.

Full-time Program

Teams will identify potential ideas, and with the support of NextSTEP and Corporate Partners, they will select the idea to work on. Following the NextSTEP Startup Studio Process, they will validate the problem and solution and develop an MVP.

Demo day & Investment

Each team will presents the developed solution to the NextSTEP Investment Committee to continue the program and obtain funding of up to €120,000. Additionally, they will present to partner companies to explore the opportunity to develop a Proof of Concept (POC).


Leveraging the funding obtained from NexSTEP, selected teams will launch their startups. During this phase, selected teams will carry out the following activities: open the new company (NewCo), launch the startup and start selling, secondary team development (deserving individuals who were part of rejected teams can be readmitted to the program within selected startups), company creation, MVP development, and advertising/sales/PR activities.

“As a startup generator, we aim to reduce the risk of failure of the startups produced, while enhancing their overall quality.”

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